The Time Wrangler Team

Chris Martinez - Founder/CEO


Chris Martinez has spent many years in the Denver software scene. Much of his software career was spent at BrightBean, a boutique software shop out of Denver. There he started as a Junior Full-Stack Developer, eventually grew into the role of Front-End lead, and finally Operations Manager. He is also a US Army combat veteran.

Chris’ contributions to the community include serving as a lead of the Denver chapter of the WeWork Veterans in Residence Program, and CTO of local gaming convention Genghis Con.

Chris was born in raised in Denver, and lives in the same area of town he grew up in, along with his beloved Wife, Son, and Daughter. Outside of work he enjoys table top gaming, and plays guitar and sings in a local heavy metal band.

Nate Greenlee is a startup founder and executive. Mr. Greenlee has helped launch software, big data and new space companies. Space Adventures, LTD has currently sold over $500 Million in Private Space Flights to the International Space Station. These companies span the financing gamut from bootstrapped, angel-funded and VC funded companies. Mr. Greenlee is currently a co-founder at Team & Culture, LTD and Time Wrangler.

Nate is also highly active in the community helping in several capacites such as Community College Of Aurora Entrepreneurship Advisor, WeWork Veterans In Residence Mentor, Denver Founders Network Organizer, and former Denver Startup Week Founder & Growth Track Chair.

Nate is a Colorado Native, has flown in the Ilyushin Il-76 Zero-G plane in Star City, Russia, and worked in Antarctica for the National Science Foundation at the age of 18.

Nate Greenlee - COO


Leah Zions - CMO

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Leah Zions is the co-founder of Team & Culture, a Denver Marketing firm, and Time Wrangler. She is a serial entrepreneur and has a long history of working with startups. She is also an editorial writer and has worked as an editor for several publications and is currently the editor of the Denver Startup Week Online Publication. As a “big-picture” kind of person, Zions has a passion for building successful strategies for growing businesses.

Leah is heavily involved in the Denver Founders Network and the Denver WeWork Veterans in Residence Program.

Leah lives in the Denver metro area with her husband and her two daughters. Her husband Matt Zions is a professional golfer and Leah caddied for him on the European tour until she was 7 months pregnant.